STMB = Short Text Message Bible

Unfortunately, many cellphones do not allow whole bibles on them. It is nice to have a bible on your cellphone - less to carry and your cellphone is always with you. And you can feed on God's word whenever you feel like it.

The trouble with most SMS bible is that they only reduce the text size by 10-20%. They usually are one verse at a time (e.g., send a text message with a verse a day). The Lord blesses them for their works.

However I want to have bible passages to read on the cellphone. I want at least 40% text reduction - 50% text reduction if I can - so that I can have several verses in each text message. This way I can squeeze bible passages via text messages.

For those whom don't know the convention, when letters are capitalize, they are to be pronounced. For example, for "BsId", pronounce the "B" and "I" to get "beside".

I made mobile-friendly home page ( Mobile Home) for those whom are reading STMB using the cellphone's browser. The mobile home page is tiny and can be bookmarked by the cellphone's browser. Also, cellphone users probably want to ignore the STMB home page (this page) and "#" (verse's note) unless they want to transfer alot of data.

Mobile home page contains a list of passages. The "#" after the passage means notes for that passage. The "#" webpages are useful if you want directions to email the passage to your cellphone from the computer. It also includes the "english" translation of the STMB passages. For mobile pages, I have no return button link (to save space) - use the back button to return.

I read bibles derived from the Greek manuscript, Textus-Receptus (TR). I took various copyright-free TR bibles and translated the easiest text for each verse. The TR bibles were WB, YLT, RWB, RYLT (NT only), UKJV, and AKJV. KJV is missing because it is restricted to publish in England (it was copyrighted, but that is expired). Then I looked at words that were still too long after SMS conversion by researching the corresponding Greek/Hebrew words used in the TR manuscript and the dictionary. And see if shorter equivalent English words can be used. All this details are in the passage's note.

I refuse to use bibles derived from the Westcott and Hort Greek manuscript. Westcott and Hort were psychics and were not of the Lord. I am not interested in arguing. If you want to argue, please argue with the authors of these links.

As of 8/23/11, I only did Ps 23, the Lord's Prayer, Shema, and the Ten Commandments. Other future passages are You can see some statistics data on the text size reduction.

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You can access WB, YLT, RWB, UKJV and AKJV from the Sword program.

Sword (Window; for Linux, you need just the libraries for Bibletime and/or Xiphos)

BibleTime (Linux)

Xiphos (Linux; was GNOMESword)

RYLT is at

Hebrew and Greek words can be found using a Sword module or using

Text message references are and

Dictionaries are at and


I release all STMB passages to public domain. Freely receive and freely give. God bless you.


Contact information is at Contact Information

You are welcomed to suggest other short passages you want, but please understand that I am the only translator, so it will take awhile.

The author thanks many friends especially R.D. and S.M. whom had commented on the STMB passages.

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